Why CU?

What if your bank was more than just a place where you saved money?  If its primary motivation was to improve the financial well being of customers – not to make a profit for shareholders?  If decisions weren’t passed down from the boardroom of a big bank, but made locally by people just like you?

Credit unions and banks offer similar financial tools and money management options.  But they have very different operating philosophies.

Credit unions are member-owned, not-for-profit cooperatives that exist to help other people – not to line the pockets of stockholders.  And that means they’re uniquely focused on you: your story, your involvement, your community, and your financial freedom and success. 

Without Stockholders to pay, credit unions are able to share earnings directly with members – through better rates, low- and no-fee services, and perks like patronage benefits.

Not-For-Profit Cooperatives
Credit unions unite for the common good – sharing services, offering education and outreach, and working to help develop vibrant, sustainable communities.

You’re not a customer.  You’re a member and an owner.  That’s important.  It gives you a voice in who manages your money – and the financial decisions that they make.

Protecting Your Money
Trust matters when it’s your money.  That’s why members at federally insured credit unions have NCUSIF coverage that fully protects each savings and checking account against loss.

Smart Management
Credit unions practice sound investment strategies and don’t overextend available resources.  So you can be sure your needs – and the needs of members like you – always come first.