4 Steps To A Better Budget

Creating a household budget is a key step on the path to financial independence.  A in-depth budget can help simplify your financial life by giving you the tools to stay on top of expenses, set and track savings goals, and plan ahead for your future.

But starting from scratch to plan an actionable budget isn’t always the easiest task.  Where should you start?  What financial information does a budget typically include?  How much money can you realistically afford to hold-over for all the fun things you like to do?

Check out our latest infographic below for four smart steps  you can take to build a better budget. [Read more…]

Why Should You Choose Direct Deposit For Your Paycheck?

Why wait hours or days to deposit a paycheck at your financial institution when it can arrive automatically in your account in minutes?  That’s a pretty solid summation of the value proposition for direct deposit.

And while getting paid a few hours earlier might not sound like an overwhelming victory for technology, direct deposit does have real very benefits.  No more waiting in line on Friday afternoon to cash a paycheck so you have money in your account for the weekend.  Or coming into work on your day off to pick up your check.  Not to mention the additional environmental, security, and convenience advantages it offers.

But despite the clear perks, only 60% of U.S. employees receive their paycheck via direct deposit. [Read more…]

The 7 Guiding Principles of Co-Op Businesses

Cooperative businesses are everywhere.

Over 100 million people are members of 47,000 co-ops in the United States alone.  You can find thriving co-ops in all kind of industries – from healthcare to child care.

In fact, you might regularly enjoy the labors of a cooperative without ever knowing it – say reading an Associated Press story on your tablet or drinking a glass of Sunkist orange juice every morning. [Read more…]

How Much Do Twentysomethings Spend on Food?

How much do Millennials spend on food?  To put it bluntly: a lot.

A recent Gallup poll put the final tally at just under $9,000 per year – or $1,144 more than what the average American across all age groups spends in a year.

To learn more about just how much we’re spending on food – plus a few handy tips to help manage your food budget – check out our latest infographic below. [Read more…]