The New Sharing Economy: Earning Money From Your Underused Property

New Sharing EconomyNeed some cash? Thousands of people are turning to sites like AirBnB to turn their spare rooms, cars, and free time into extra spending money. You can capture some of this entrepreneurial spirit and capitalize on it in three ways.

Rent Your Spare Room
If you haven’t heard of AirBnB, it’s the flagship of this new economy. People list their spare rooms for rent, and short-term vacationers can search them by location, amenities or price. Rates are usually lower than hotels, and the accommodations can be much nicer. The thrill of staying with a local who can recommend nearby attractions or restaurants also attracts tourists. AirBnB is popular – the company boasts 350,000 people who are renting rooms by using the service. [Read more…]

8 Simple Job Interview Tips and Tricks

Job interview questionsInterviewing for a job is very rarely a pleasant experience.

Let’s face it: even if you’ve been through the process dozens of times, it can be tough to control the anxiety that goes along with selling yourself and your achievements to a complete stranger.

Being on the hot seat – peppered with questions?  Acing one interview, only to be informed you’ll have to repeat the process with a couple more interviewers higher up the food chain?  My palms are starting to sweat just thinking about it. [Read more…]