Job Seekers Beware: ‘Re-packing’ Jobs Could Lead To Jail Time

Job Repacking scam tipsWe keep hearing the economy is improving, but that news rings hollow for many Americans. Long-term unemployment is still a reality for 2.8 million people. They’re isolated and increasingly desperate, making them a perfect target for cyber-criminals.

The Better Business Bureau is reporting a new breed of cyber-crime that turns innocent people into accessories in the distribution of stolen merchandise. The scam starts like a lot of others, with a job offer from an anonymous company. The work sounds ideal. It’s work-from-home, set your own hours, and work as much or as little as you like. Best of all, it’s easy. You receive shipments at your house, then repack them and ship them to another address. [Read more…]

Summer Job Vs. Summer School: Weighing the Pros and Cons

Choosing between summer school and summer jobOn the surface, February might seem like a strange time to talk summer plans.  After all, a large portion of the country is still dealing with another winter of frigid temps and record-setting snowfall.

Then again, we’re only a few short months away from the start of May — and, more importantly, the start of summer break.

Which means now is the perfect time to start getting your summer plans in order.  Not only will you have a head-start on important stuff like trips, jobs, classes, and internship – summer planning is also a handy activity for those of us that have been fighting hard against winter-weather-induced cabin fever for the past few weeks. [Read more…]

How To Choose A Tax Preparer (And Why You Might Need To)

Tax preparation

After the confetti has been swept up on New Year’s Day, another festival requiring reams and reams of paper begins. That’s right, it’s tax time. As you’re gathering your pay stubs and receipts in preparation for your annual headache, it might be worth considering whether you need professional help this year. A few things have changed.

First, the IRS is losing funding. If you were counting on getting help with the forms from the IRS, you might be in for record wait times. The IRS budget has fallen by 10% in the last five years, while costs have increased. Staff reductions of around 8% have mostly affected customer service and fraud protection, while training budgets have been cut down to almost nothing. Even if you do get through, the person you’re talking to will  be less likely to help you. One taxpayer watchdog group claims 47% of calls going to the IRS this year won’t get answered. Those who do will have to wait an average of 34 minutes to talk to a human. [Read more…]

Take a bite out of Apple Pay

Apple Pay OverviewWhether you love Apple’s user-friendly and reliable products, or hate the price tag and the status symbol they represent, you’ve got to admit: they know business. Apple saw the future of finance and the future of technology rapidly merging and figured out a way to cash in on it. The new iPhone 6 comes with a new technology that’s set to change the way you pay for things. [Read more…]