How to Shop For Clothes on the Right Day

shopping tips for big savingsYes, there really is a “right” day to shop for clothes (and a right day for groceries, home décor, airline tickets, electronics and more). Shopping at the right time will save you cash at the checkout, so if you want to stretch your dollar just a little bit further, read on!

Thursday Is The Day
Most retail shops start getting ready for the weekend rush on Thursdays. They begin to mark down the weekend’s sale items so they can restock racks with new merchandise. The later in the day you shop, the more items you will find that are discounted.

Shop Off-Season
It’s tempting to go for the new fashions right as the new season begins. But if you wait until mid-season, you’re sure to get a much better deal. That’s when deep sale prices begin. Of course, you might miss out on the most popular pieces, but large chain retailers can often transfer in garments from other stores. Or, you can go for the not-as-popular but much more original pieces that are still on the racks.

Go For Clearance
If you plan ahead, you can find some great deals on end-of-season outfits. Pick up next year’s winter coat at the beginning of spring, and stay motivated to eat right during the winter by buying next summer’s bikini in the fall.

Sign-Up For Mailers
If you subscribe to your favorite stores’ online and snail-mail newsletters, you will receive advance notice of upcoming sales and promotions. Some even offer advance admission to big sales. And when you get there, be sure to steer toward the sales and clearance racks for the deepest discounts.

Check Online For Discount Codes
Before you make a purchase, head online for discount codes you can use to lighten your total at checkout.  Sites like RetailMeNot,,, and offer tons of no-strings-attached deals at major retailers like Macy’s, Target, Kohl’s and

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