Three Budget-Friendly Ways to Make Your Dorm Room More Like Home

Budget Friendly Dorm Room TipsThe first few weeks back from break can be tough. In the fall, there’s the giddy rush of a new school year to distract from how nice mom and dad’s house is compared to your dorm room. In the winter, though, there’s just cold and classes.

Don’t despair! There are a few low-cost hacks that can turn the institutional discomfort of your dorm room into the comfort of your parents’ home. Make a list, pop down to the home improvement store, and check out these three quick fixes.

Soften Your Bed
Most people don’t get a good night’s sleep in college. Part of it is staying up all night to study, but part of it is the terrible institutional mattresses. Dorm mattresses are somehow simultaneously too rigid and too squishy. Compared to the nice mattress your parents conveniently picked up when you moved out, you may notice your dorm bed is kind of lame.

You don’t need to break the bank on a new mattress. A memory foam mattress topper can give you endless comfort at a fraction of the price. Bedding is frequently discounted as retailers clear out holiday surpluses. Just $50 can leave you sleeping on an inch and a half of pure bliss.

A Better Shower Landing Spot
One of the worst parts of winter is stepping out of a warm shower onto cold tile floors. Your parents fixed this problem with a cushy bathroom rug, but that’s not an option for you unless you want to share it with the whole floor (ick!). What’s a student to do?

Consider a pair of bathroom slippers to complement those sandals. Slippers can help you step out of the shower and onto a cloud. Best of all? They’re cheap!

Look for footwear with moisture-wicking soles. And be sure to hang them up to dry when you’re not using them.

Fix the lighting
Institutional lighting is the worst. The hum and flicker of institutional lighting is obnoxious. That’s why your parents put concealed, indirect lighting in every room but yours. How can you recapture that feeling?

A table lamp or clamp lamp can get the same charm of indirect lighting without breaking the bank. An LED bulb will last forever and the fixture can be had for as little as $20. Put it on your desk, on your headboard or on your dresser for all-year class.

Photo by Yujean Park / CC BY-SA 2.0

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