Best Christmas Gifts from College Students on a Budget

Budget Christmas Gifts for College StudentsThe holidays are a stressful time of year if you’re in college. You’ve got to pack your whole life into a suitcase for a month while passing the hardest tests you’ve taken in your life. It’s tough to remember gift shopping.

There are lots of ways you can take part in family gift giving. Try these low-cost gift ideas to make your parents, friends, and family smile. Let’s spread some (budget-friendly) goodwill this holiday season!

Do the Leg-Work on a Joint Gift
If you have older siblings or other potential allies, you may be able to work out a joint gift for your parents.

They could provide the funding while you do the research and legwork. For example, your mom has wanted new cookware. Do the research on the best brand and shop around to get it at the best price. You do the wrapping, and sign both your names to the card.

This isn’t just for mom and dad – consider working with your parents to get gifts for younger siblings. You make a contribution of time and effort to the gift giving process and have a chance to show you care. As a college student, you’re learning all kinds of research skills; put them to the test and find the right gift at the right price!

Find Nifty, Locally-Produced Stuff in Your Town
College towns are full of cottage industries. Somewhere in town, a tiny shop has soaps, jams, posters, beer, wine, and other local goods.

These are the best kinds of gifts because they’re easy to transport, are consumable, and there’s nothing to dust. You can fill your bag with soaps, candles, and other little gifts to give to friends back home and extended family. It helps them connect to where you are and might give them a reason to come visit!

DIY Dorm Projects
Finding projects you can tackle in a space that’s the size of a cubicle can be a challenge. Cruising DIY hubs like Buzzfeed and Pinterest can produce hundreds of neat ideas. You can make hand-decorated mugs, framed pictures, or braided necklaces. There are tons of projects that don’t demand much in either space or supplies.

All it costs you is a little bit of money, a free Saturday, and a whole lot of love. You can make sentimental, hand-crafted presents for everyone in your life.

Are there other good, budget-conscious gifts you would recommend?  Give us your list in the comments section below.

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