Why Should You Choose Direct Deposit For Your Paycheck?

Why wait hours or days to deposit a paycheck at your financial institution when it can arrive automatically in your account in minutes?  That’s a pretty solid summation of the value proposition for direct deposit.

And while getting paid a few hours earlier might not sound like an overwhelming victory for technology, direct deposit does have real very benefits.  No more waiting in line on Friday afternoon to cash a paycheck so you have money in your account for the weekend.  Or coming into work on your day off to pick up your check.  Not to mention the additional environmental, security, and convenience advantages it offers.

But despite the clear perks, only 60% of U.S. employees receive their paycheck via direct deposit.

If your employer has given you the option of direct deposit – but you haven’t yet made the autopay leap – check out the infographic below for 4 reasons why you’re missing out.

Benefits of direct deposit


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