Smart Credit Card Tips [Infographic]

When used sensibly, there’s nothing wrong with putting a purchase here or there on a credit card.

The problem is that many Americans have trouble with that whole “sensible use” thing.

Consider this: on average, U.S. household are in debt to credit card companies to the tune of $7,087.

Independently wealthy?  Making cash hand over fist?  Well, depending on your spending habits and household income, that figure might not sound too steep.

Then again, paying interest on an outstanding balance plus whatever new charges you’re adding month-to-month can quickly lead to snowballing debt.  And, sure enough, when you focus only on indebted households, average credit card debt skyrockets to $15,191 – which is a really big number for just about anyone.

So how can you take advantage of the convenience and purchasing power provided by credit cards without falling into debt?  Check out our handy credit card facts and tips infographic below.



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