tax tips for a college student

Don’t Panic: Filing Taxes As A College Student

Imagine skipping a day of class, then coming into the next session and seeing a test. You open the packet and see what appears to be gibberish staring back at you. Everyone else around you seems to have a perfect grasp of what’s going on, but you’re just stumbling in the dark. That can be what the process of preparing your taxes can feel like the first time you do them. You’re given a big pile of paper and expected to sort it out yourself. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. Before you start to … [Read More...]

What are PrimeTrust Members like? Meet Zach Welch

Hanging Out with the Other “Ole No. 7”

Sometimes you think you’re going to work in a hospital when you graduate … and end up becoming a country singer/watchmaker/cell phone salesman instead. That’s what happened to Zach Welch. … [Read More...]

Financial tips for new college students

Welcome to College! 5 Steps to Avoiding the Pit of Financial Despair

You worked through 13 years of school. You put in the extra hours in sports or band or drama or whatever you were into. You researched a million schools, sent out a million applications. You filled out the FAFSA. You were accepted! You took out a student loan. You made it. You’re here. Now you can focus on building relationships and acing tests and forget about money for a while, right? Um, no. … [Read More...]

Adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) or fixed mortgage?

Adjustable Or Fixed-Rate Mortgage – Which Is Right For Me?

If you’re mortgage shopping, you may be overwhelmed by the number of options. Dozens of lenders, each with their own rates, terms, conditions and costs, can make the decision feel that way. But it doesn’t have to be that difficult! The choice of which mortgage to go with starts with a simple question: fixed-rate or adjustable? There are many different terms, points and rates associated with each, but narrowing your search to a category can really simplify the process. As an overview, … [Read More...]

Three Things You Can Do This Summer to Boost Your Earnings Potential

Believe it or not, summer break is right around the corner. For many students -- who have put in heavy hours during the school year -- the plan for summer months is pretty simple: sleep in, hang out with friends, make a little money for school next year, and stay up late. Absolutely nothing wrong with that plan.  But if you’re looking for a break from the norm, consider taking this summer to do some smart self-improvement that will have a positive impact on your life for every summer yet to … [Read More...]